Train of Fools

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I can’t with Damon and Elena relationship. I used to like Damon tragic love for Elena but now they are a joke and really hard to watch…

tonight episode I was like…


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When people say: Vote for Glee, Cory would like them to win …. Excuse me, where were you when he was nominated and you never voted?

Finn and Will’s cut scene was too good to be in season 4, that’s why they cutting it.

Glee Season 4 =  fucking  Blee

Im sorry but this new characters are never gonna fix the HUGE HOLE Cory Monteith let in Glee… whatever the fadom think, Finn was THE character that make the viewers to watch Glee without him the ship is going to down

Are this is some kind of damage control. 

Just 12 seconds? He was the star of Glee, he was everything and this is 12 seconds that ridiculous not even a minuet 12 second he deserves much more, The Fan videos are much longer than this.

I am so angry to know that Finn Hudson the most real character that Glee has, is gonna die. Finn wasnt the most popular character in the fandom but so many people are like him or was.  so at the end  Finn storyline is going to reduse at “no matter how hard you try, you gonna fail.”is so sad that the only character who always try to do the right thing and try to learn about his mistakes is gonna have the most tragic end when he just deserve a Happy Ending.and  I just not want to talk about Cory´s death or the dificult for Lea to film this.

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Rest in peace, Cory.
Thank you for everything.